Source Code

Some time around May 21 2008, I began playing RuneScape. After a couple years of playing, I had gotten to a point where the next step was to grind and raise my mining skill to a higher level requirement. This consisted of mining ores (one click each) and dropping them (two clicks each), for speed. After doing this for a long time, I decided that while I liked mining, dropping the ores I did not.

So, in late July 2010, I decided to make a program that did one thing-
it dropped my ores for me.

And thus I entered the world of autoclicking.
(and game rulebreaking)

After many more programs like these, I got the idea to make a program that would read in a script and autoclick based on that, meaning verbose programs would become small scripts. In early 2012, I finished the first version, upgrading my inventory drop program to the new script format.

I shared my autoclicker program with a friend, giving it a tutorial first. Over the years I've improved the tutorial, made the program faster, and given it more features.

My autoclicker served me well, bringing me to the experience point limit in two skills and rank 87 and 268 on the top-2,000,000-player leaderboards and netting me over two billion coins in profits until my banning March 19 2015. I had that coming :)

On August 13 2020, I found that I was able to log in again. It told me I last logged in 1974 days ago, which indeed would have been March 19 2015. I'm guessing my ban only lasted 5 years.